Frequently asked questions

Who is the senior bath tailored for?

This bath has a wide use but as its name already indicates, it is designed for people of higher age who have problems with getting in and out of the usual bath and also, who do not want to give up on the comfort of bathing. This bath is definitely aimed for households deciding between a bath and a bathinette. The bath with a door can satisfy the comfort of both options. Moreover, the bath with a door is also an amazing alternative for young people who have problems with legs whether as an inborn disability or a as a consequence of an injury

How is the door-bath sealant solved?

The bath has a quintuple door sealant to prevent leakage. Main 4 sealants are hidden inside the bath and the sturdy door frame junction ensures 100% seal of the bath and the door frame without any possibility of leakage at any circumstances. The door-bath sealant is based on the system of a silicon sealant while the bath door always opens inside the bath, the water pressure pushes the door making it cling to the sealant and thereby, secure the sealant of the door. This sealant can always be taken out for cleaning as well as for replacement in case of any damage.

Can this bath with a door sometimes leak?

Sometimes it can occur that the door leakes but the problem can always be easily fixed. Possibility number one, the sealant is damaged, cut or weakened in any way and it needs to be replaced for a new one which you can buy in our stores. Possibility number two, the sealant in the door frame is deformed and does not cling to the door entirely, causing some small leakage. Fixing this problem is a question of a minute – you simply straighten the sealant.

Is the senior bath genuinely hand-made?

Yes, it is. All barrier-free CA-PLAST bathes are hand-made in Slovakia, in Čadca, with GELCOAT surfacing.

What is the GELCOAT surfacing on a barrier-free bath?

This surfacing belongs to the highest class of the adjustment of sanitary products and is used exclusively in hand-made production. GELCOAT surfacing provides colour stability of the product surface, its resistance to porousness, hair dye or even acetone. Furthermore, when GELCOAT is damaged, it is fully repairable in almost all cases without visible differences in colour or surface quality.

What is the maximum load of the senior bath?

As the producer, we guarantee the load being minimum 500 kg without the need to frame the bath space or use any other mechanism for reinforcement.

Where is the bath manufactured?

The bath with a door is a Slovak product manufactured in Čadca while the door itself is installed additionally  to a specific place on the bath according to the requirements of our customer. This technology is unique and extraordinary, therefore we can offer an exceptional product to our customers unheard-of on the European market.

Can we come to have a look at the production process?

You certainly can look at the production process in person after setting up an appointment beforehand.

Where do you sell barrier-free baths?

Barrier-free baths with doors are sold in Slovakia, the Czech republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

What is the purpose of the manget in STANDARD door?

Senior STANDARD bath has an inbuilt magnet to make the closing of the bath door easier even single-handedly so that you will not need to hold the door for convenient closing – the integrated magnet will do it for you. We tried to take into consideration also  customers with problematic arms when making this adjustment.

Can you produce a slip resistant bath?

Yes, we can provide our baths with additional anti slip coating in the trap area or the bath door area. This sort of anti slip coating is one of the best on the market since it is the anti slip type C which is the highest security possible for the bathroom of our customer. As the only company on the market, we are always prepared to actively communicate with our customer to sort out the installation, where and what size of anti slip coating they want to have installed into their new bath with a door.

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