Barrier-free bath with EXCLUSIVE glass door

Senior vaňa so sklenými dverami

EXCLUSIVE bath – is meant for the most demanding customer who is keen on a perfect design of his bathroom. The glass door emphasises the feeling of perfection even in such an unusual case as the bath with a glass door. This model will especially fit with a glass bath screen thanks to which you will be able to take a shower in your bath without having the whole floor covered with water.

Who is the target customer?

Barrier-free CA-PLAST bath with a glass door is the best solution for the most demanding customer. If you are limited by space, the glass door can be installed into a bath of the size 160×70. This bath is not only a purpose-built product, it is also a design complement to your new bathroom. There is a possibility to install a massage system. into all baths with a door.


The only versatile solution on the market

Thanks to the versatile design every bath can be produced to be a perfect fit for the customer! Our customer will choose the right size from barrier-free baths from LENKA, sets the side for the door to be on the right or left side. And this is still far from the end of the personalisation process of barrier-free bath with a door! The customer chooses the precise position of the door according to the disposition of their bathroom not to get the door in the way of a washing machine or a washbasin..


Additional bath accessories

To enhance the comfort of your new bath with a door it is possible to install the filling through the spillway, which you can find HERE, as well as handles, bolsters or even a bath screen for a simple shower. Massage system available in three basic sets or an individual choice according to the requirements of our customer go without saying. You can also ask for more details about the possibility of installment of hydro-massage system into your barrier-free bath.

Available sizes of our bath

Bath Lenka 150 x 70

Bath Lenka 160 x 70

Bath Lenka 170 x 70

Bath Lenka 170 x 75

Bath Lenka 170 x 75 with a siphon in the middle

Bath Lenka 180 x 80

100% water-resistant !

Special sealing system and installation system gaurantees that the door to your bath is 100% water-resistant thanks to multiple safety lock.

A bath or a shower?

Can you not decide between a bath or a shower enclosure?
Buy a bath with a door.

Bath screen is no problem

There is also a possibility
to mount the bath screen to the barrier-free bath


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