10 reasons

why to purchase a bath with a CA-PLAST door

The only barrier-free bath on the market where you can set the door position.

Altogether 9 combinations of baths with doors available in countless colour variations for your ideal senior bath.

The possibility to adjust the length of each barrier-free bath up to minus seven centimetres from the standard length.

Hand-made bath with a door produced in Slovakia.

Maximum load over 500 kg.

5-year warranty on the whole product.

As much as a quintuple sealant of the door-bath junction guarantees a perfect seal even after years of use.

An easy way to clean the sealant or in case of damage, to replace the inner door sealant.

All metal door parts of the barrier-free bath are stainless and hence, provide life-long service even in such a challenging environment as in a bathroom.

The bath with CA-PLAST door has an exquisite GELCOAT surfacing which is used in baths of the highest class all over the world.

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